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Our Story

My name is Leilani and I am just venturing out on my journey of owning a small business based in Columbus Georgia. I've always known that I loved making things and making art but nothing ever stuck. Until I watched my first cake tutorial. And the rest was history!


Ruette's Bakery

We are a small home based bakery. We specialize in custom cakes and cupcakes. We strive to make only the best cakes and cupcakes for our customers. Thank you for supporting a small business.

Image by Katie Rosario

What Made Us Get Started?

So what started this adventure?

Image by Nathalie Jaramillo


A love for being inspired to create something that will bring joy to others on a special day.

Party Cake

A hobby turned into a business

How could you not pursue a career that makes you happy all around?

Image by Deva Williamson


There is nothing more fun to me than getting to see the amazing creations that I have made. 

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